Modul & Fitur Ravintola POS

Sistem Manajemen Outlet F&B Terdepan untuk UKM. RAVINTOLA adalah software POS khusus kasir yang cocok digunakan oleh Restoran, Bakery, Cake, Coffee, Tea, Dessert, Ice Cream, Pizza, Snack dll.

Fast To Install

Ravintola helps you to set-up the system in 3 days. With proven INSTALL-ROLEPLAY-FINETUNE method, you can focus on your business while we watch your back.

Simple & Easy

Ravintola is local made and build on the on-going engagement with customers. Easy to train and keep your crew qualifications controlled.

Real Time Inventory

Ravintola helps you, managers, to keep track of the items you sell, and the items you buy. With real-time inventory deduction, it is easy to know your real inventory level and how long you will sustain the operations.

Very Strong Experience

Ravintola is known to successfully handle as efficient as 40 seats outlet to very massive 2100 seats outlet. These facts allow Ravintola to fully understand your needs and operation issues.

Recipe & Ingredient Control

Ravintola helps you, managers, to manage your food cost. By unique and easy approach to direct costs, Ravintola can help you control your COGS, Wastes, and Adjustments.

Reservation & Advance Orders

Collect and secure your revenue by promoting reservations and advance orders. Ravintola can help you with the bookings, and also the down payments. Ravintola also account your remaining inventory to accommodate the orders.

Commited To Industry

Ravintola focus on food services industry giving it many experiences to work with many up-to-date technology such as Printers, Displays, Digital Scales, Barcodes, Fingerprints, RFID, and EDC.

User Security & Roles

Operations in Ravintola is designed to be flexible and accountable. Owners/ Managers can design their own organization, user-level and authorization for every action on the POS, back office, and the overall system.

Discount & Promotion

Promo every 5pm? Promo in certain days on certain items only? Promo on certain Credit Cards usage? OR.. Combination on all of the criteria above? Ravintola will help you maintain all the promotions easy.

Ravintola Sky

The famous Ravintola SKY will help you connect with Ravintola POS in all your outlets. Report Consolidation, Policy Distribution, and Voucher/ Member Synchronization will give you strategic advantage.

Mobile & Tablets

Ravintola has the most complete selection of mobile-wireless solutions. Whether a mobile terminal hand-held by waiters, or a mobile terminal for the customer to make self-order, or just mobile terminal for replacing your printed menu. All nicely integrated with the POS system for efficient operations.

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Butuh Konsultasi Lebih Lanjut ?

Undang kami untuk presentasi produk ke kantor Anda, GRATIS!

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